Lowie Pants (7424938475716)
Lowie Pants (7424938475716)
Lowie Pants (7424938475716)
Lowie Pants (7424938475716)
Lowie Pants (7424938475716)
Lowie Pants (7424938475716)
Lowie Pants (7424938475716)
Lowie Pants (7424938475716)

Lowie Pants

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Size XS Size Chart
Color White
Material Cotton Voile Block Print

Embrace the artistry of a rare gemstone - Adorned in the captivating hues of a rare Picasso Jasper, these pants resonate with vibrancy. The unique tribal print dances across the fabric, creating a visual masterpiece that transcends clothing to become wearable art.
The Paul Ropp Bone Buttons aren't mere closures; they're a declaration of luxury and authenticity. With each button, you project an air of sophistication that resonates with those who appreciate timeless style.

Imagine adorning pants adorned with intricate tribal motifs that narrate tales of cultural heritage. The tribal print design, a hallmark of Paul Ropp's innovation, transforms these pants into wearable art that showcases your refined taste. From casual outings to sophisticated events, the Paul Ropp Cotton Voile Block Print Men Pants epitomize timeless elegance.

Item #CVBP-N4176

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Men Pants
Minimal Hand Stitched Detailing
Side Pocket
Back Pocket
Regular Fit
Signature Paul Ropp Bone Buttons
Hand Carved Bone Buttons
Unique Motif
Lightweight Fabric
Cotton Voile Block Print
100% Cotton
Made in Bali