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Meet Ken and Noelle

30 Years of Paul Ropp Clothing

The New Zealand, Bali and America Based Couple

Lifelong Fan Noelle

More than 2000 pieces...

Meet Ken and Noelle: a couple that has spent 30 years growing their Paul Ropp collection. Combined, they own 2000 pieces.

Noelle shares that she can "pack a 14 kg bag and have 20 different outfit combinations to choose from."

Ken, the jeweler

"Its about the way I feel in it"

Ken and Noelle are jewelry designers who pride themselves in pairing their one-of-a-kind jewelry with Paul's latest.

Ken tells us they are the opposite of fast fashion and gravitate towards stylish, timeless looks.

30 years in the making...

"I don't really wear anything else except Paul Ropp."

Noelle loves to take pieces from 20 years ago and pair them with something new from last week.

"The dye lots still work together, decades later."



Meet Inna, a Ukrainian living between Bali and Ibiza.

Brand Loyal Traveler

"I lost count at 300 pieces."

In love with Paul Ropp's

Color Therapy

Inna is a big fan of color therapy in fashion and the shifts in emotions it can evoke.

"I FEEL different when I wear Paul Ropp's clothing. The colors literally bring me alive."