Bali's Most Beloved


Based in Bali, Sold in 37 Countries


First Tee Shirt Design At Alan Watts

Paul with his first tee shirt design. This photo was taken on Alan Watt’s houseboat in Sausalito— a community of artists in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The First Stores

Paul opens his first stores on the island. Over the years, his brand has expanded to 5 locations and was sold in over 2000 stores nationwide.

Late 70s, early 80s

Ropp receives international acclaim

Across Cosmopolitan, New York Times, NY Post, Glamour.

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Jane Hitchcock

Paul with dancer and model Jane Hitchcock. Jane was discovered while training at the New York City Ballet and was a supermodel by 14. Paul met Jane in the early 1970s when he booked her through the Ford Model Agency for his fashion shoots.


Carlos Santana and Paul Ropp

Paul with musician Carlos Santana, backstage at a concert in Bangkok. Paul met Santana at Woodstock, where Paul worked as road manager for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Celebrities continue to wear Paul Ropp (without us asking!).

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Paul and Kenzo

Paul with fashion designer Kenzo, at the Paul Ropp shop in Phuket, Thailand. Kenzo’s infamous 1977 fashion show at Studio 54 in New York City inspired Paul to begin designing.

Bali's own

A Fashion Family

Paul's best friend (and ex-wife) Susanna Perini, the owner of Biasa, another well-known fashion brand on the island. Paul's daughter, Sai Ropp, is the CEO of Biasa.

Paul and Susanna are considered the most beloved clothing family in Bali.

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