Cathartica - Chiffon Print Scarf - Fire (7068980805828)

Cathartica - Chiffon Print Scarf - Fire

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Size 2.3 M x 1.15 M Size Chart
Color Fire

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Inspired by the explosive volcanic colors of Bali's Mount Agung, this elegantly lightweight and soft shawl is hand-crafted with chiffon and our signature Paul Ropp silk crêpe fabric, Georgette. This design plays with different patterns and geometric shapes, giving this luxurious piece an added sense of textured dimension.

Reminiscent of ancient rugs, the geometric patterns consist of primary colors of orange and red with hints of tans and beiges. A bold red border edges the scarf.

Ethically and consciously handmade in India.  Art is hand-designed by the iconic Paul Ropp.

Chiffon Digitally Printed Scarf

Geometric Patterns
Orange, Red, Tan, Beige

230cm x 115cm