Claudios Dress (7479423369412)
Claudios Dress (7479423369412)
Claudios Dress (7479423369412)
Claudios Dress (7479423369412)
Claudios Dress (7479423369412)
Claudios Dress (7479423369412)
Claudios Dress (7479423369412)
Claudios Dress (7479423369412)

Claudios Dress

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Size S Size Chart
Color Water
Material Cotton Print

Step into a world of timeless elegance and artistic expression with the Paul Ropp "Cotton Print Claudios Dress," a piece that's more than just fashion; it's a story waiting to be told. The dress opens with a sophisticated halter neck design that exudes an air of graceful confidence. It frames your shoulders and neck beautifully, making it an ideal canvas for showcasing your unique accessories.The dress is adorned with a pleated hemline that adds a playful sense of movement and an extra layer of elegance. It's an unexpected detail that sets you apart from the ordinary. With tie-back allows for customization and an unconventional touch, creating an outfit that's as unique as you are. It's a fun and functional detail that complements the overall design.

Be the picture of unconventional elegance at beachfront weddings or destination weddings in exotic locales. This dress complements the enchanting scenery and makes you a standout guest. This is fashion that encourages you to express your individuality and embraces the allure of Bali with elegance and style. When you wear this dress, you carry a piece of Bali's artistic spirit with you, and it's a story that's meant to be shared. Experience fashion that tells a tale, and be the canvas of your own artistic journey.

Item #CSST13058N

Halter neck dress
Cotton Print
Lightweighted Breathable Fabric
Tie back
Pleated Hemline
Unique Motif
Signature Paul Ropp
Made in Bali
100% Cotton

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