Livy - Georgette Printed Shawl

Livy - Georgette Printed Shawl

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Size 240cm x 110cm Size Chart
Color Water

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Livy - Georgette Printed Shawl

Inspired by cosmic dreams, this luxuriously soft shawl pushes traditional art by layering an array of vividly different colors and shapes. Explosions of all the colors - green, red, yellow and teal - are perfectly balanced with the lines and shapes of this shawl. The different parts and layers of the design all tell a different story yet work beautifully together as a shawl. These lines and shapes create different visions and dimensions, one can either see a human face, an animal, or fire. What do you see?

Handcrafted with upscale chiffon and our signature fabric, Georgette - a silk crêpe fabric - this luxuriously soft and lightweight square scarf adds a sophisticated appeal to any outfit - either around your neck, as a top, at the waist, as a headscarf, or around your bag!

A Western-inspired frame borders the dimensional design.

Ethically and consciously handmade in India.  Art hand-designed by the iconic Paul Ropp.

Georgette scarf/ shawl
Geometric patterns
Digital print - extraordinary crisp detail
Teal, blue, green, red, yellow

240cm x 110cm
95in x 43in

Georgette Chiffon
Super fine, lightweight thin material

Hand wash or dry clean only