The Man, The Myth, The Legend


The creator and the beating heart behind the brand is Paul Ropp himself, eclectic artists and one of the main actors of the 60’s movement. Paul’s muse is Nature and the life she provides. So it comes as no surprise that Paul found part of his inspiration in the midst of the crazy, unpredictable yet deeply engulfing streets of Asia, India, and Bali in particular. Paul saw the beauty in the people, the music and the dancing that surrounded him during the 70’s and walked away with a true vision to create clothes that are not only wearable but “magnificent heirloom treasures”.
In Paul's words: I am not in fashion, I am in OOOHs and AHHHs!
As the quote above, through the years Paul has developed many a catchphrase that gives us just a glimpse into the mind of this innovator.
"I can, It's done, What's Next?"
"Clothes for people who prefer to be naked"
"Cross-dressing permitted"
"Sensual, not Sexual"
"Intergalactic space cowboys"
"Better today than yesterday, Better tomorrow than today,
better and better in every way"






Note: portrait depicted above was a personal gift to Paul from talented artist Nico Vrielink