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The concept of fashion, as it once stood, no longer holds the same meaning.

When we think of “fashion” in it's most general form, we think of popular brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Gucci etc; These brands are coupled with fashion pioneers such as Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld and many more. So, where does Paul Ropp fall into this spectrum of noted fashion icons?

In a nutshell, Paul Ropp does not. Both the brand and the individual represent a concept of fashion and beauty that fall far outside the constraints of mass-produced fashion. As a brand, Paul Ropp is pioneering the way “fashion” relates to individuals, communities, and cultural diversity. The only way this brand relates to fashion in its public form is the fact that what is created is meant to be worn. Regardless, Paul Ropp supersedes the fashion label and enters the realm of “Wearable Art” as a form of self-expression and acceptance.

The clothes envisioned by Paul, and created by his team, are breaking the mold established by consumer-driven markets. Step into any Paul Ropp store and your senses are instantly titillated. From the vibrancy and colors to the more subtle perfections found in the handwoven details - the store is a true experience for the senses.

Paul Ropp stands apart from other brands, solely from the statement each garment makes. Paul Ropp pieces are handmade works of art that will be showcased in the museums of the future. Each item - a creative masterpiece in itself - brings with it a sense of individual strength and independence, diversity in thought and in feel.

In terms of fashion, Paul Ropp is “beyond fashion conscious”. A term coined by Paul himself to portray his belief that the art we adorn ourselves with as part of our self-expression extends beyond external notions impeded upon us by leading industries. Paul Ropp takes fashion into his own hands, so to speak, in order to reclaim what fashion itself means to the people who take part in showcasing it. Fashion, in this sense, is a social liberation from those constraining shackles of others expectations, allowing us to move forward into a freedom within our own individual self-expression.

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